It’s a perfect sphereBOLDYback

There are many different mounting systems on the market but none of them are beautifully designed. That’s why we came with the idea for an innovative new mounting method with a beautiful design.

BOLDY; with an eye for detail, a new modern design. That is our starting point.

The BOLDY mounting method (attachment) allows more functionality. This new design product can be used in any interior. The design of BOLDY; It’s a perfect sphere.
BOLDY consists of a gentle sphere. Beautifully designed till the smallest details. BOLDY and connectors are available in different color combinations. There is a color combination for everyone.

Creator of BOLDY – Ramon ten Tije

“The BOLDY mounting system has a maximum movability and is remarkably easy to use. Therefore it is unique in its kind with endless possibilities and applications.”

“A product that we will certainly continue to develop in the near future. We will listen to the wishes of our customers.”
“Thanks for your trust and I’m sure you will have lots of fun with BOLDY.”
“Finally I am very proud of the result of this new Dutch Design product.”